Who’s Batang Yagit?

I’m a 22 23-year old blogger from Davao City, Philippines who is now training to become a corporate slave in one of the software companies in Makati City.  I’m a licensed Electronics Engineer but a Software Engineer by profession.

How I started blogging

My blogging life started in April 25, 2006 after I got envious of my blogger friend. After blogging for almost 3 years, my Batang Yagit caricature, which was sketched by my colleague in college, became my persona in the world wide web.

I started writing entries with few sentences in length and never really had plans to engage into serious writing.  After a couple of months, I began to love blogging.  I used blogger.com’s blogging service (http://yagitnabata.blogspot.com) for more than a year.  It was after my birthday when I bought the batangyagit.com domain.

After a three years of blogging, I was able to attend lots of blogger events in Davao, Manila and Cebu. I became part of the Mindanao Bloggers, Inc. group and organized one of Philippine’s biggest blogging event last 2008, the Wordcamp Philippines.  I also help build the Cebu Bloggers Society in Cebu City.

Offline Life

I’m a newly licensed Electronics Engineer working as a Software Engineer for my day job. After moving from three different cities last year, I’m now living in the busy district of Makati.

I love watching movies, eating in different restaurants and sleeping during my offline hours.  During weekends, I spend my day inside the house watching movies. I’m also studying Nihongo and I’m doing so well at it.

My Other Blogs

Aside from Batang Yagit, I also maintain several blogs from different niches. I love taking photos so I made my Digital Puto and my N82 Tumblr Page.  All my techie stuff can be found in my Techy Kid blog, including tutorials on how to convert docx to doc. Sometimes, if I find the mood to make some tech videos, I put them in You Got Tech. I also share my knowledge in SEO and internet marketing in my SEO Tutorials blog.  I blog about food at Patay Gutom and my adventures at Batang Lakwatsero.

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    Sir winston? Right? Magkano po domain name? Mahal po ba. Curios lang po.

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