Attending the Job Fair in Ateneo

I attended the job fair in Ateneo this morning. Though there were lots of companies who attended, I wasn’t able to find a good one for my field of expertise. I was there mocking their human resource personnel on how poor they represent their company.

There was even this one IT company in Davao City looking for fresh grads who have good communication skills for the tech support center which they are planning to put up. It’s ironic that the HR people lacks the ‘good communication skills’ they were looking for.

Another company booth I visited is a software development company here in Davao. They specialize in the development software to hardware interface for several devices sent to them by their clients. I had a little interest on what they do in their company so I stayed there for a moment. They were asking about my skills, my expertise and some other information helpful to them. They also asked about the projects I made related to my course. I remember telling them about our thesis project, the sms gateway I made while I was still in Cerveo and the web based POS I made while I was still practicing my skills in AJAX. That company was not that big yet but the services they provide seem to be interesting.

I also took a qualifying exam for a multinational company. It’s a big company, a famous one. Though I’m hearing some negative comments about the company from Jehz, I still chose to take the exam. It did not take me long to finish the exam but the application form did. They gave us a booklet to fill out and it took me a while to finish it. I even missed my lunch.

This reminds me, I haven’t taken my breakfast yet. Ciao!