Back from Osaka

Pardon me if I haven’t posted anything yet since my first week in Osaka. For most of the time, I got busy with work and other things that I wasn’t able give time for my blog. You see, I used to code PHP before I started working but after work started eating most of my time, I never had the opportunity to work on my PHP related projects. Since I’m almost done with my project at work, I decided to learn PHP again. Most of my free time at home (in Osaka) are spent learning Code Igniter.

Taken while we were in a temple in Kyoto

Anyway, yesterday concluded my one month business trip in Japan. It was fun working abroad (and getting paid to travel). I was able to visit Kyoto, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle (our tambayan) and a hell lot of other wonderful places. The experience was awesome and I’m looking forward in going back to Osaka this spring (regardless if it’s for work or on my own expense).

The Beat Sketch! game with my room on the background. The title is in English but the rest of the game is in Japanese.

While in JP, I bought this set for PS3 Move. The set inclues one game. Since the entire package is cheaper than the ones sold in Manila, I bought the thing. Last night, I tried installing the PS3 Move set on my Play Station 3. Unfortunately, the Beat Sketch disk that came with the set are all in Japanese. Bummer. Even though the title is in English, the rest of the game is in Japanese.

One of the things I miss in Makati is the Legaspi Sunday Market. One of the things I miss in Osaka is the sesame dressing (胡麻ドレッシング). This morning, I had them both. I went to Legaspi (which is just a few minute walk from home) Sunday Market and got myself a container of fresh greens. Somewhere near Pasong Tamo (a few minutes from Legaspi) is a small Japanese convenience shop called Choto Stop. I was able to get a bottle of my fave sesame dressing for PhP 75.00. My lunch, one classic Chinese lumpia and a taste of Osaka with my fresh greens salad with sesame dressing.

My fresh greens with Sesame dressing.

P.S. The last two photos were taken using my new gadget, the Canon S95. 😉