Batang Yagit on Facebook and some other things


It’s Facbook fever again.  It seems like everyone from Facebook is creating their own Fan Page.  I have created one yesterday for Batang Yagit and I was very happy to see that a lot of my online friends added themselves as fans of Batang Yagit. 😀

As of this time, Batang Yagit now has 63 fans. Weee.. 😀  To add yourself as Batang Yagit fan, please click here. 😀

Some Other Things

As usual, I’ve been keeping myself busy with work these days. Nihongo is giving me a headache.  I failed my first JLPT mock exam and got the passing mark on the second. *sigh*

All of my officemates learned about my online life after the Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama was published.  A few of them are searching for my online stuff, my blog, some videos of me in youtube, and some other things about me which I am not aware they exist.  It was also yesterday when they told me “Uy, marunong ka palang kumanta? Nakita namin ang video mo sa youtube.

Got to be more vigilant next time. 😀

And another thing, the company I’m working on announced this afternoon our deployment assignments.  I got a bit disappointed when I learned that I won’t be assigned to my desired dev team.  When we were asked which dev team we want to be assigned, I opted for the dev team which specializes on Java, DB and Web applications.  But since a lot of must applied for that dev team, the VP assigned us to the other dev teams who are in need of developers. I was assigned to the dev team which specializes on embedded applications.  I’ve been programming embedded applications in college but I never really loved it as much as I do with web apps. Bummer. But I have no choice but to stick with what was assigned to me.

Anyway, that’s the life of a noob corporate slave. 😀 I miss slacking.