Carrot, Limpet, and Noose from Crumpler

If you have read this blog before, you might have seen two of my blog posts about Crumpler. The first Crumpler bag I bought was my Seven Million Dollar Home in 2010. I still use it for my camera and lenses. The second Crumpler bag that I used was the Chinese New Year Special Edition of Herbas in 2011. Just a couple of months ago, Crumpler in Bonifacio High Street had put half of their inventory on sale and I was able to get two large bags which I currently use at work everyday.

This might not be known to all but Crumpler also has its line of smaller bags, straps and tags. Introducing the Carrot, the Limpet and the Noose from Crumpler.


Crumpler Carrot

If you’re one of the guys who’s having trouble organizing pens, pencils, markers, highlighters and other tiny stuff inside your bag, then the Carrot is just right for you. The Carrot is like a small bag designed to hold elongated objects like pens and pencils. Alternately, you may also use this to keep your iPhone’s headset and cable. It’s pretty convenient especially when you’re using a bag which doesn’t have internal pockets to hold objects like these.


Crumpler Limpet

The Limpet is Crumpler’s creative version of a luggage tag or a bag tag that was designed with durability and aesthetics in mind. With an exterior fabric of 150D ripstop polyester, polyutherane backing and polypropylene insert, the Limpet is ready for whatever the luggage handlers can throw at it. This one comes really handy especially whenever I go on an out of town trip, I never would want to forget putting a tag on the bag I bring.

Crumpler Noose

The Noose is a camera hand strap. It was designed to be portable, secure and compact. I know a few people who hates the inconvenience of a camera neck strap. The Noose addresses that problem. The Noose will keep your camera firmly attached to your wrist, offering unsurpassed security, without cutting off the circulation. One thing I like the most about the Noose is the little pocket behind the strap designed to keep spare SD cards. It’s pretty convenient especially if you’re a hardcore shutterbug.

The Carrot (P950), Limpet (P750) and Noose (P850) are all available in the following Crumpler branches:

  • Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet
  • Crumpler SM Megamall
  • Crumpler Trinoma