Cebu Blog Camp 2010

The Cebu Blog Camp 2010 participants, organizers, speakers and volunteers.

The Cebu Blog Camp 2010 participants, organizers, speakers and volunteers.

The CBC Team, composed of several bloggers in Cebu and me, made history in yesterday after we successfully pulled off the first Cebu Blog Camp in CAP Center, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City.  A good number of Cebu bloggers attended the said event. Several bloggers from Manila, Ilo-ilo City, Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City were also there . The Cebu Blog Camp 2010 is the first event of its kind blogging event in Cebu City and the Visayas region.

For these past weeks, the Cebu Blog Camp team was busy making all the preparations for the big day. The success of the event is credited to the people behind it; the CBC Team, the CBC volunteers, the PBA, the speakers, the participants, the sponsors and the bloggers who supported us.


Looking back a couple of years ago when I went to Cebu City to review, there was no formal organization of bloggers yet in the city. It was also then when I was able to meet up with few of my Cebu blogger friends. It was in that meeting where we envisioned of creating a big gathering of bloggers in the Visayas region (the initial plan is to come up with Visayas Bloggers’ Summit – a version of Mindanao Bloggers’ Summit for the Visayas region).

Almost two years have passed by but that vision was then still unfulfilled, it was after the Philippine Blog Awards in Visayas when my bestfriend in Cebu opened the idea of doing another blogger event in Cebu. Since the plans for Visayas Bloggers Summit had already been set, we decided to come up of an unconference for Cebu bloggers who wanted to learn more about blogging.

Vanjohnn started gathering eight Cebu blogger friends who shared the same vision as I had. These bloggers are the ones who composed the CBC Team (Blog and Soul Movement – Cebu Chapter), the hard-working people behind the success of the first CBC.

The Event

I got inspired when a good number of bloggers attended the event. What made it more inspiring is when I saw the enthusiasm and excitement of the bloggers who went to CAP an hour earlier than the set call time. The fun team-building-like activity was also a good start to give the participants which gave the participants a chance to bond with other bloggers and break the air of unfamiliarity among them.

All throughout the day, even if the event was not yet done, it already felt fulfilling after seeing the bloggers listen to the speakers with great enthusiasm. It was also evident in the queries they throw at the speakers after each talk/session.

It was also fun to see the bloggers enjoying the event. Having them stay for the whole day, from eight in the morning ’til six in the evening, is already something. Even more, most of the participants were taking down notes during sessions. The numerous amount of freebies and giveaways from our generous sponsors made the Blog Camp spicier than expected.

From here onwards

After reading the post-event articles from the Cebu bloggers (term used at the most inclusive degree), I got pressured to do another Cebu Blog Camp (next year). But as for now, the Cebu Blog Camp team (Blog and Soul Movement Cebu Chapter), will be focusing on projects that will enrich the knowledge and experience of bloggers in Cebu and the Visayas.

For those who attended the first Cebu Blog Camp, the fun didn’t end yesterday. We still have prepared lots of surprises (and prizes) for you.

Again, I thank everyone who had been part of CBC’s success.

Those who blogged about it

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