Childhood Flavors


What flavor are you when you were a kid?

When I was a younger, my Grandma used to run a small sari-sari store beside our house in the province. Every afternoon, my bro and I would sneak in to grab some goodies from my Lola’s candy jars. Among my favorites are Tarzan, Big Boy, Bazooka, Mighty Mouse, and Tootsie Roll.

Tarzan, Big Boy and Bazooka

These two bubble gum brands are very popular when I was young.  My favorite among the three is Big Boy.  They used to run a commercial on TV before. “Big, big, big big”.  Bazooka used to run a biggest bubble contest during first grade. I learned how to make a bubble when I was in the second grade.

Loved by children, doomed by parents.  You might have missed childhood if you didn’t catch a bubble gum on your hair.

Mighty Mouse

I’m wondering why the manufacturers of Mighty Mouse candy stopped producing this piece of junkie. I’m thinking they might have crossed a branding feud with Apple or something. Anyway, who would not love Mighty Mouse, they come in different flavors.  I love the cola flavor the most.  Some variants of Mighty Mouse candies come in an ice cream cone shape. Kids during those days pretend toi eat the little cone candies like they were real ice cream cones.

Tootsie Roll

This piece of junk is classic. Everyone loves tootsie roll. Even Filipinos abroad are asking their relatives to send them these vintage candies.  I was still able to see some tootsie rolls being sold in Mini Stop shops in Makati.  One day, I was overwhelmed to see these candies in shop that I grabbed a handful or two of these goodies. I paid a few hundred bucks for it. I never thought it would be as cheap as it was before.


Add this on my list of all-time-favorites.  I still fancy Chocnut until now. I think a lot of people do. I found some chocnut-flavored cakes, ice creams and even margaritas.  The manufacturers never took the Chocnut out of our supermarket’s shelves.

What flavor are you when you were a kid?