Confessions of a Technophile

I’m a Batang Yagit and I have a confession to make. Being a Yagit does not hold me back from liking un-Yagit stuff like gadgets. I’m a technophile. My love for gadgets feeds my hunger like a vampire feeds himself with human blood.

I’m a nobody in my company and I only earn an average monthly salary. A salary, by Makati’s high standard, is far from living a B-class of life. I do have an inconsistent source of income of which I use to finance my vices.

Unlike most tech bloggers, I seldom receive invitations to tech events. The frequency of agencies and companies sending me products for review is also rare. In most cases, the tech articles I publish are about the gadgets that I want or I already have, which is limited to my purchasing capacity.

Google Nexus One

Nokia E72. The first gadget I bought this year was the Nokia E72. I bought this gadget a couple of days before the year started. I already own an E71 but I got attracted with the built-in Nokia Messaging feature that my E71 doesn’t have. The optical trackpad was also an added feature which made the device more irresistible to buy. That’s how I acquired my E72 and later on gotten rid of my E71.

HP Desktop PC with 22″ LCD Monitor. This is the first $1000+ purchase I made this year. The laptop that has been serving me for quite a few years has given up on me. Since I don’t do mobile work anymore, I decided that a desktop PC is a great solution for my problem.

The Seven-Million Dollar Home Crumpler Bag. The first camera investment I made for this year is the The Seven-Million Dollar Home Crumpler Bag. It twice the size of my old camera bag but 4x the price. The acquisition of this bag was unplanned.

Tokia 11-16mm Ultrawide Angle Lens. Β I only dreamed of using an Ultra-wide Angle Lens for my Nikon D90. There was never a need for an UWA and UWA lenses were not designed to be affordable. But after deciding to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, before the trip, I decided to buy the 11-16mm UWA from Hidalgo. This is the second camera investment I made for this year.

Black Aluminum Swatch Watch. I always had problems with my old Guess watch. The numbers were out of their proper places and most of the time, it blocks the watch’s arms from moving. Because the problem kept on repeating even after I had the Guess watch fixed, I decided to get myself a decent watch that I can use. I immediately fell in love with the Black Aluminum Swatch watch and the rest was in my credit card history.

Google HTC Nexus One. If I didn’t catch the iPhone fever when it was first launched a couple of years ago, the Nexus One craze got me instead. Despite of the difficulties in acquiring a Nexus One in the Philippines, that didn’t stop my itchy hands from getting one. I immediately made the necessary arrangements to get myself one of the first few Nexus One units which landed in the Philippines.

Apple 13″ Macbook Pro. A PC is a necessity but an Apple is luxury. The purchase of the Macbook Pro was made few days before I went to Cebu for the Cebu Blog Camp. I bought the new laptop so that I have something to use while I’m in Cebu. Though I made a big discount for the purchase, it didn’t justify the guilt that Macbook is an expensive notebook.

Nokia BH503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. My Apple headset that has been in use for quite a few years already has almost given up on me. That’s why, during one of my window shoppings in Greenhills, I saw the Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset which I immediately bought. The headset, though not necessarily wireless, was a need at that moment. When I saw the wireless headset being sold at discounted price, I didn’t hesitate in buying the item.

Blackberry Bold 9700. I envied the nyoks for being able to exchange messages through a channel exclusive to them. Thanks to Blackberry for making the Blackberry Messenger both addictive and exclusive. After I made an unplanned walk inside of one of the malls in Greenhills, I went out bringing with me a brand new Blackberry Bold 9700.

These are just few of the gadgets I purchased in the past five months. The list didn’t include the gadgets I received for free and the other small little things I bought. In the first half of the year, I have already spent more than twice of what I have spent for gadgets last year.

The uncontrollable urge to buy new stuff is a sickness I’m experiencing in the past months. I’ve been trying to avoid it but the technophilia controls my wallet. Shall I be reducing my techno-expenses in the coming months? Maybe.

I promise myself that the Blackberry Bold 9700 will be the last phone purchase that I will do in the year 2010.