Contest: Fill-in the Bubble Thought


Christmas is getting near. As part of my Christmas preparations, I’ll be giving out one Christmas giveaway every week before Christmas. This contest is sponsored by our friends from Hildebrand (  For this week’s contest, I’ll be giving out one Schützen® Notebook.


Schützen® Notebooks are locally produced notebooks. It features 80 leaves of papers bounded by a double loop wire. It’s cover is made from premium synthetic leather and are designed to hold cards, ID’s, photos and notes.

How to join the contest?

This contest is open to any Batang Yagit reader within Metro Manila. To join the contest, just fill in Batang Yagit’s bubble thought (photo above) with any unique statements that you think best fits Batang Yagit. Post your answers (or entries) in the comment form below.

At the end of the contest week (Tuesday next week), I will pick up five unique quotes of my choice and I will let my Batang Yagit friends pick up the most unique and most hilarious statement. The winner will get one Schützen® Notebook from Hildebrand.