Da Vinci’s Pizza in Cebu

05102008234 After the two consecutive days of taking the review center’s diagnostic examination, my clique decided to treat ourselves with a scrumptious meal. It was decided that we’ll have dinner at Sbarro in Ayala Center Cebu. But Starth, a non-pork eater classmate, was hesitant since most of the meat dishes in Sbarro contains pork. She recommended Da Vinci’s Pizza in OsmeΓ±a Boulevard (Jones Ave.) since she had tried dining in the resto before. Then it was decided where we’ll have our dinner.

The place is not strange to us anymore since we get to pass Jones every time we go to our review Center. The place is not far from the famous landmark, the Fuente OsmeΓ±a Circle. It is situated at the right side of the Crown Regency Tower, just beside Jollibee.

There were nine of us who went there for dinner. Opep, Eric, Rommel, Chico and I ordered three pizzas; Da Vinci’s Master Piece (w/ white sauce) (P198.00), Perk’s Special (P198.00) and Meat Lovers’ pizza (P248.00). The Da Vinci’s Master Piece is a uniquely dressed with Da Vinci’s famous white sauce and topped with Italian sausage, beef, pepperoni, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese. Da Vinci’s Pizza is known for its white sauce, a deviation from the traditional tomato pizza sauce. The Meat Lovers’ pizza was also a win for it was fully loaded with lots of beef, ham, bacon and cheese. The Perk’s Special was equally good with Da Vinci’s Master Piece.

Da Vinci's Master Piece Perk's Special Meat Lovers' Pizza

My other classmates, Paul and Chay, ordered Another Da Vinci’s Masterpiece (P238.00) which is a premium serving of the Da Vinci’s Master Piece. Whereas, Starth and Mark, had a serving of the Spicy Shawarma (P238.00) which is pretty close to a real shawarma wrap.

Another Da Vinci's MasterpieceSpicy Shawarma

For approximately P150 each, the dinner was worth the money we spent. The food and service was great. The little food escapade I had with my classmates reminded me of the food trips we used to have in Davao.

Also, the Jones Branch has free WiFi offered to their customers. I was able to upload a few of our photos using my Nokia N82. The rest of our photos can be viewed here.

If you want to reach Da Vinci’s Pizza, they have branches in Parkmall (420-9200), Paseo Arcenas (412-0005), Marina Mall in Mactan (495-8888), IT Park (415-8881), Mantuyong (420-2140) and the one in Jones (253-3893). You may also check their online presence at http://www.davincispizza.com.ph.

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