Diving in Malapascua soon


It has been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post in this blog. I have always wanted to but almost everytime I attempt to write, I always run out of things to share. The things I do offline are mostly shared on my Twitter and Facebook timelines. Blame them!

Anyway, if you were following my tweets these past months, you may have encountered a few tweets about my weekend trips to Anilao, Batangas.

Early this year, I started embracing a new hobby which is Diving. It’s what kept me busy. It’s a good break from work and from the city. Diving creates mini holidays you can take whenever you want. Since my first dive this summer, I have completed more than thirty dives and now, I’m about to complete my first scuba diver logbook. Yay!

I frequent Batangas for my weekend trips but my most memorable and probably the most exciting dive trip was in the one we had in Coron. We had three wreck dives, one cave dive and one thermocline dive in Barracuda Lake. I would love to go back to Coron and do all of the five dives again. Hhmm, maybe next year.

To complete my logbook, I’m scheduled for a halloween dive trip to Malapascua this month. I’m super excited after seeing videos of the thresher shark encounters. You see, shark sighting is not very common in Batangas. More so, thresher sharks aren’t that common as well. I’m contemplating if I should get an underwater camera case for my Canon S95 for the trip. We’re set to leave on the last week of the month and I’m thankful that we have a long weekend break from work.

I’m starting to force myself to blog again. I’m trying to practice blogging from my iPhone/BlackBerry. 🙂 Heads up, I’ll be blogging more about my dive trips – if I get the chance.



PS: Photo courtesy of Jojo of Lakwatsero.me