Fly and Sail Day 1 – Arriving in Singapore

I already started the Airphil Express’ Fly and Sail series with my first post about going back to Singapore. However, the post isn’t as elaborate as it is supposed to be. Thanks to the thief who stole my BlackBerry a week before we left Manila for Singapore. My plans of going online and live blogging on my blackberry failed since the data SIM that I use in Singapore is designed to be used on a blackberry alone.

Anyway, to begin with this post, we were invited by Airphil Express, the official airline partner of Batang Yagit, to try out the Fly and Sail Adventours. It’s a 4-days/3-nights packaged tour inclusive of a one night accommodation in Singapore and 3-day/2-nights accommodation on board Super Star Virgo from Singapore to Klang Port in Malaysia. It’s the first time that Airphil Express is offering such tour and it was an honor to be invited in the first group to try such service.

Airphil Express had been my choice of budget airline when flying to Singapore. The fees are usually lower and it already includes the travel taxes and other charges. The best part, Airphil Express uses Changi Terminal 2 where most of Singapore’s modern airport facilities are located.

We left Manila in the afternoon and arrived in Singapore at around 8:00 PM. The 3~4 hour flight sure made us hungry. After doing our immigration requirements, the group went to the dinner hosted by Airphil Express at Pasta de Waraku, a Japanese restaurant at the second level of Changi Terminal 2, where I had a nice serving of pasta and steak (yumm). After dinner, we went outside the terminal to meet the coach that will take us to our hotel in Singapore. Included in Airphil Express’ Fly and Sail Adventour are the transfers to/fro the airport and hotel. In case you’re wandering Singapore on a personal trip, the easiest and cheapest way of getting to the city is through SMRT which is located at the basement of Changi Terminal 2.

From the airport, we were brought to Fragrance Hotel in Selegie Rd. It’s near Burgis (where I stayed before) and Little India. The hotel is nice and clean. It’s one of those big chains of small hotels in Singapore. The one I stayed in before was Hotel 81, Fragrance Hotel’s competitor. Fragrance Hotel hasn’t much difference in terms of facilities with the latter except for this cute little bear sitting on top of our beds. Apparently, I found out, after we came back from Singapore, that the cute cuddly stuffed toy were tokens from the hotel for us.

After settling in our stuff in the hotel, the group decided to go out for a late night walk. Since our hotel is near Little India, we decided to go to Mustafa, and Indian mall which is open for 24-hours. Mustafa mall also has the best money exchange rates in Singapore. Some of our friends had their money changed to SGD there. Unfortunately, I had mine changed in Changi. I could have saved a couple of bux had I waited for Mustafa. After getting our cash, we went shopping for a few pasalubongs in the upper levels where they sell cheap imported goods. I bought a few bags of junk foods which became handy during the entire duration of our trip.

This is Day 1 of our four day Fly and Sail Adventour Trip by Airphil Express.