Food and the colors of Pahiyas

Pahiyas Festival is an annual celebration of the people in Lucban, Quezon. The festival, which usually happens every 15th of May, is a thanksgiving for the year’s good harvest. The locales decorate their houses with colorful kiping, crops, fruits and vegetables. It’s also noticeable that almost all households in the town participate in this festive occasion.

Though I missed last year’s Pahiyas Festival, I made it a point to join the festivities this year. Before we (Karlo and Cai) went there, we were warned of the bad traffic that we might encounter en route to Lucban. We left Cubao at around 2am and arrived in Lucena City at around 5:30 am. From Lucena, we took a passenger jeepney going up to Lucban.

We were just in time to witness the residents decorating their houses with different vegetables, flowers, fruits and kipings. Kiping is a leaf or petal-shaped wafer made from rice. These usually in different colors. Most of the time, they use kiping to form decorative leaves, flowers and fans.

Aside from taking photos of the colorful houses we pass by, one particular thing you can do in Lucban during the Pahiyas is eat. Lucban is popular for its lucban chorizo and pansit habhab. You can actually see several people selling these along the streets. Since we left Manila with empty stomachs, we decided to try the pansit habhab. Pansit habhab is similar to pansit canton except that it’s served with vinegar and is usually eaten with bare hands, hence its name.

We didn’t wait too long before we decided to leave for Manila. After going through the entire town on foot, we decided to go back to Manila before lunch so as to avoid the heavy traffic from arriving tourists. Though the traffic flow wasn’t as smooth as it was en route to Lucban, we were still able to return to Manila early enough to get some rest from the half days worth of walking.

How to get to Lucban, Quezon

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