Going back to Boracay for work

I has been a while since I last went to Boracay and that last time was for a telco project. The irony, who would have thought that almost a year later, I’ll be coming back to the island for another telco project, only this time I can call it my “own”. While in the island, we launched our new set of lifestyle sticks for Tattoo and it was fun covering for and answering questions from subscribers for Globe Prepaid.

The most recent trip that I had was fun. I enjoy my work so much and I love the perks that comes along with it, though I’d be expecting lesser chances of traveling in the coming months after the shift on my role in the Digital Marketing team. One more thing that made the trip more fun was the experience of getting mixed with the crowd of bloggers. For a while, I have not worn my blogger hat and I almost forgot how it was like to be a blogger.

After reading through our companion’s blog posts and having had a fun experience while we were in Boracay, I’m starting to feel the need of reviving my persona as Batang Yagit the Blogger – hence, this blog post.

Wish I could do more blog entries in the coming weeks. I gotta sleep for now! Good night!

** photo credits to the multi-awarded pare of mine, Yoshke.com.