Hashtag Campaigns. More fun in the Philippines


Last Friday, the Department of Tourism launched it’s new international marketing campaign slogan, “More Fun in the Philippines”. Unlike the previously launched slogan, Pilipinas kay ganda, the new campaign received tremendous amount of support from the public.

On twitter alone, the campaign’s hashtag, #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines, dominated the timelines last Friday. The hashtag is being used by netizens to throw support to DOT’s new initiative. In Saturday, GMA News reported that DOT’s campaign has become an internet meme. Several agnostic sites dedicated to the campaign were also created over the weekend. One of these sites is Arnold Gamboa’s: http://www.itsmorefuninthephilippinespics.com/.

Hashtag Campaigns. More fun in the Philippines

One of the many things that are more fun in the Philippines is twitter hashtag campaigns. We have seen big brands launch different hashtag campaigns. Some of which were successful and some were barely even noticed and flopped.

One of the reasons why DOT’s campaign was a big hit on its launch date is the level of engagement that #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines brings to its audience. Though a few have posted negative thoughts about the campaign, the bottom line, almost everyone got involved that it even ranked #1 in the Worldwide trends list of Twitter.

Another instance wherein I can say that hashtag campaigns are more fun in the Philippines was during the pre-launch and launch of iPhone 4S. I was part of it and I was on the battle field fighting the hashtag battle for #GlobeiPhone4S. I can’t recall any other instance in the history of Twitter in the Philippines wherein two major brands (telcos) have invested so much interest in winning a hashtag battle. Smart even threw a car, phones and gadgets just to win the battle. At the end of the day, the numbers will still speak for itself.

Volume of tweets from December 2 to 14

Volume of tweets from December 2 to 16

Share of Voice for the entire campaign

Trending Topics list for Philippines at 12 Midnight of December 16. #GlobeiPhone4S is on top during the time where it mattered.

For different campaigns and different companies, campaign managers look into different sets of KPIs to determine the success of a campaign. For twitter, few of the indicators we can look at are the following: reach, share of voice (volume), general user sentiment and brand temperature, and whether a hashtag hit the trends list (for extended reach).