I shared my bag and won a new one


I’m a big fan of messenger bags. To be more specific, I’m a big fan of Crumpler messenger bags. I have owned and featured a few of my Crumpler bags in this blog but among my collection, what I like the most is my “The Western Lawn”.

Aside from Crumpler’s hip and youthful bag designs, they also name their bags in a very peculiar way. The bag that I use everyday is named The Western Lawn and my gigantic bag that I use to store my camera and lenses is named The Seven Million Dollar Home. I also have another bag named Herbas. Nonetheless, these names make the brand cooler and younger.

Recently, our friends from Crumpler Philippines launched Bag Nerds (www.bagnerds.ph), a blog of everything bag, Crumpler or not. They also launched a weekly contest which asks their fans to submit a photo of their bag and its contents. Each week, they pick a winner from the pool of entries which they have featured in their site. Luckily, I won last week’s contest.

I’m not sure yet on what kind of Crumpler bag they’re giving me but I’m pretty excited to add a new one in my growing collection. If you have some interesting story to tell about your bag’s contents, head on to Bag Nerds and share your bag story. Who knows, you might get yourself a new bag too.