Moving to a new desk


I just finished fixing my stuff on my new desk this morning. We started moving out yesterday evening but since we went to attend the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch, we weren’t able to finish settling down in our new area.

I can list down a few pros and cons with our new set-up. I like that my desk is separated from the rest of the team. That way, I can peacefully work on my stuff without disturbing and getting disturbed by others. I also like that my new desk is located at the far end of the room. The shared office printer in my new location is colored, an improvement from the old grayscale prints.

However, we no longer have a dedicated assistant to help us process things. The new location has no telephone as well. Too bad I just received my new set of business cards that uses the old office landline.

We’ll be staying in our new office until we move to the new building. The more important thing is that we’re now closer with the brand teams who we work with for most of the time. 🙂