My Project 365 for 2010

Last year might have not been the best year for my blogging if we’ll base it on the frequency of posts that I have made. I rarely post about the things that I usually post in the previous years (ang labo). Thanks to plurk for becoming a medium for me to express (micro-blog) my life’s little blog-able incidents.

Anyway, in 2010, I’m planning to engage myself into my own 365 project. Since I’m not diligent enough to blog every detail of my life in this blog, I decided to use the “Free Speech Journal” Mica gave me to record my life this year. It would be exciting to look back into my life this year after I finish filling out the 365 spaces in this book.

I have written a few notes. I received the journal in January 2 but I was able to track back what I did in January 1. Guess I’ll go back on this post in 2011.