My Technorati rank, blog worth and adsense income went up in 5 days

My Technorati Authority Points went up from 15 to 60. My Blog Traffic was doubled. My blog worth increased 10 times. And most of all, my adsense income became consistently high.

Just a couple of days ago, I started this Viral Craze which hit the blog community. This so called viral tags aims to exponentially increase your Technorati Rank, Google Page Rank, and blog traffic. The system works like a chain post where you have to tag several people in your post. In return, the tagged person will create a link back to the person who tagged him. In this way, the tagged users will continue the web chain indefinitely. Thus, increasing the number of blogs linked to your blog which in return may increase your popularity and statistics.

In five days, I achieved everything I have mentioned above. If I have done this the normal way, it would take me a couple of months before I could achieve this point. I am now enjoying the benefits I got from this craze.