Nyok Nyok

What is Nyok?

I bet you have heard of the word “Nyok”. In case you have not, “Nyok” is a new word in the internet lingo popularized by some pinoy plurkers.

Nyok is a very versatile word. It’s meaning may depend upon how the speaker relates the term in his sentence.  Most often, nyok is used to express one’s feelings or thoughts. Some people use nyooook! to express how surprised they are.  Some even plurk nyok to greet one another.

When dealing with grammar and semantics, nyok is very unique language element because a single Nyok alone may form a sentence, a subject and a predicate.  Also, the punctuation mark to be used plays a vital role in constructing the word’s meaning. Only experts in the proper usage of nyok have the skill of using nyok in different situations.

According to Jehz, one of the founders of the secret Nyok Society in the Philippines, nyok is an expression of some people who can’t think of anything but nyok“.

People these days get addicted with the nyok syndrome.  Take a look at this plurk thread below:

I started getting involved with the plurk nyok a couple of months ago. So far, I enjoyed all the wonders of nyok.  Only those who are special are able to decypher the cryptic codes of the word “Nyok“.

Nyok nyok? Nyok!! :shock:

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