Osaka Living — living through my first week

On JR leaving Kansai Airport

I never thought that I would actually finish this post. There had been a lot of attempts to write about my Japan trip but all of those attempts failed, mostly because I spent most of time for work. If you have been following my channel on PicLyf, you might already have seen some of my photos.

Anyway, here’s a photo of us inside the train from Kansai Airport to Osaka. I only realized that it was Kansai Airport that got featured in megastructures on NatGeo. The airport itself is a marvel. It was created in an artificial island a few kilometers away from Osaka. Basically, it’s a floating airport. Awesome isn’t it?

Taking the train from Kansai Airport to Osaka

Our company provided for our accommodation. I live in Imazato, just a few meters away from the subway station. It’s annoying though that it takes three train rides (two 乗換え, ~20~30 分) to get to work but I can cut it to 15 minutes on foot. Here’s a photo of my studio-type apartment. I used to sleep in the loft but I kinda haz gotten scared of slipping or falling from going up and down.

My apartment in Imazato

Aside from my apartment, which I really love, what I like the most here is my internet connection. I’m surfing on a speed I never experienced in any place. Here’s’s result:

It already has been a week since we arrived in Osaka and done nothing (apart from work) but eat. Just last night, after work, we went to Shinsai Bashi. It’s the city’s shopping district but most shops close at 8pm or 9pm so we decided to eat instead. We went into this Okonomiyaki place where the japanese pancake is cooked on your own table.

Lolo cooking our okonomiyaki

Looking for a place to eat in Shinsai

Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake

So far, I’m enjoying my stay here in Japan. It’s like going to Little Tokyo (Makati) for every meal. In a few hours, we will be going to Osaka castle where (for sure) I will be taking a lot of pictures. Laterz!