Petronas Twin Towers at night

I didn’t realize that the towers are more than two kilometers away from our hotel but we still pursued going to the Petronas Twin Towes on foot after we had our dinner. Finding the towers wasn’t that difficult, as I had my Samsung Galaxy S II with me. It’s as easy as finding cheap airline tickets in the web. Also, you wouldn’t miss the well-lit majestic towers hovering above the city skyline of Kuala Lumpur.

It wasn’t my first time to see the twin towers. I had a couple of photos taken at the towers’ facade in September. They were nice but those were nothing compared to the photos I took earlier. The towers come alive at night, metaphorically speaking. Whether it’s your first trip there, or you a veteran to Malaysia holidays, the Petronas Towers are a must see.


If it’s your first time to see the twin towers, I suggest that you go to KLCC Park instead of going straight to the towers’ facade in front of Public Bank. You’ll get a better view of the towers from the park. Also, there’s a musical fountain show at night. It’s a picturesque sight – colorful water jets dancing on the amphitheater with the majestic glowing twin towers in the backdrop.


If you feel like getting that compulsory tourist shot, the facade is at the opposite side of the tower.