Preparing Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

I recently did a little kitchen experiment with the smoked bacon slices I got last Christmas. Since it has been a while since I last cooked a dish, I decided to experiment with the bacon left-overs a couple of days ago. I decided to make my own version (without looking at any reference for recipes) of Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus. I bought from the supermarket a bundle of Dole Asparagus (PhP 88).

Preparing the bacon-wrapped asparagus is quite easy. First, cut the washed asparagus stalks into half and leave it in the steamer until it changes to a lighter green color. Next, pick two to three stalks of asparagus and wrap it with thin slices of bacon. You can use toothpick to hold the bacon and asparagus together. In my case, since I didn’t have toothpick in the kitchen, I used sewing threads instead to hold the asparagus and bacon together. After wrapping all the sliced asparagus stalks with bacon, add a dash of salt and pepper before frying.

Lastly, fry the wrapped asparagus in oil or butter until it turns golden brown or until bacon is cooked.

Cooking and preparation time will only take 15~20 mins. Everything is easy. πŸ˜€ Bon Appetit!