Received a late new year’s gift


So I got home last night and our apartment’s guard called my attention because he had received an LBC package for me. I wasn’t expecting for something to arrive via courier so the parcel that our guarded handed me was a bit of a surprise for me. What’s even more surprising was the sender. It was sent by one of the agencies that work for us in Globe. Curious, the first that came into my mind was, “How did they get my home address?

Two theories; (1) they sent me the Listerine bottles to be featured on my blog, (2) some of the agency peeps notice that I have bad breath during meetings and decided to send me Listerine to freshen  up my breath. LOL. I’m rooting for the first one. I’m pretty sure I don’t have bad breath 😛 My dentist would love to know I’m taking good care of my mouth.