Red Trellis: Seafood Dining in Gensan

Guess what? Mica and I didn’t have enough of seafoods from the our Kota Kinabalu trip that we had to engage again into another feast of seafoods. The week after we arrived from Kota Kinabalu, Mica and I flew to General Santos City for the pre-Tuna Festival event that the Manansala sisters have prepared for us. The original plan was to cover the Tuna Festival but due to some unexpected turn out of events, the Tuna Fest was moved to a later date. So instead, they have prepared the Soccsksargen Experience.

One of the restaurants that hosted the bloggers who participated in the Soccsksargen Experience is Red Trellis Seafood Garden. As its name suggests, Red Trellis specializes with different types of seafood dishes. Among those served that night are the huge tiger prawns paired with their special sauce, the paella negra made from squid ink, the white squid, the baked scallops and the house specialty red crabs in rich coconut sauce.

I gave the crabs more attention since, apart from being the restaurant’s specialty, it is the type of dish you can’t easily order in Manila.

One notable thing about Red Trellis is that they cook only the freshest seafoods available. Displayed outside the restaurant kitchen are large pools of fresh shrimps and fresh crabs which they purchased from their supplier in Surigao. The crabs traveled all the way from Surigao down to the fishing city of General Santos City. Cooking with fresh ingredients assures the customers of getting the best in dishes that Red Trellis serves.

Photo Credit:  Third Photo (Crab) is from Orman Manansala.