Second trip to Kota Kinabalu

It has been three years since I last visited Borneo and nothing much have changed since then. Walking in the familiar streets in town center of Kota Kinabalu was nostalgic, as if I have walked on the same streets not too long ago.

We took advantage of the long weekend. Months months ago, Kuya Erik, Mica and I, booked the Kota Kinabalu trip after Air Asia offered the three tickets for PhP 5,200+. It’s even cheaper than going home to Davao.

Since I was very busy with work and Kadayawan these past weeks, we never had a chance to plan the activities we’re gonna do when we get to Kota Kinabalu. All we (Mica) did was to make sure we get a decent place to stay when we get abroad. Through the recommendation of our wandering friend Nina, we booked for a couple of rooms in a place called Lavender Lodge.

We were lucky that the hotel staff can arrange tours for tourists like us. We’re even luckier to have lots of Pinoy staff in the hotel. Because we haven’t prepared any plans for our KK vacation, the hotel receptionist suggested several options that we could take.

On our first day, we opted for a whole day trip to Mt. Kinabalu Park and to its nearby attractions. The trip to Mt. Kinabalu took us around two hours. The nature trip that we had was the highlight of the entire trip. We were brought to the Kinabalu Botanical Garden where we saw the different flora that can be found in Mt. Kinabalu. They have transferred several types of plants and orchids that can be found in the deepest areas of the Mt. Kinabalu rainforests to the Botanical garden. Some of these species are endemic to Mt. Kinabalu.

The fun part of the nature trip to Mt. Kinabalu was the tour within Poring hot springs. Within the poring hot spring park lies the longest and first of its kind rainforest canopy available to the public. We have experience walking on a canopy across the luscious forests of Mt. Kinabalu. After the canopy walk, we took a short hike before we arrived in one of Mt. Kinabalu’s small waterfalls. Our tour guide, Ben, informed us of the Dr. Fish that thrives in the cold waters of the waterfalls. These Dr. Fishes are small fishes which eat the dead skins from your foot/legs. These are the same type of fishes that are used in Manila Ocean Park’s Fish Spa.

The second day of our stay in Kota Kinabalu wasn’t as fun as the first one. We went to GayaΒ Sunday Market where we purchased some of our pasalubongs. The Sunday market was done in Jalan Gaya where they converted Β the long stretch of Gaya street into a flea market. A lot of local products are being sold. Also, if you wish to try some of Kota Kinabalu’s comfort foods, several stalls also serve these.

The last lakwatsa we did was the island hopping. It wasn’t as fun as the ones we had in the Samal beaches in Davao City but it sure gave as a lot of opportunity to camwhore. We didn’t enjoy swimming and snorkeling as much as we did in our hike the previous day.

Here are some of the photos we took that day:

Though we only stayed for roughly four days in Kota Kinabalu, it was definitely a fun experience for us. I’m even thinking of going back to Kota Kinabalu and plan a trip to Brunei from there, just like what I did three years ago. But before I forget, I still have to replace my green passport.