Shooting Anything that Flies

It was worth missing my 16-hour weekend sleep. Last weekend’s Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga is one of the most exhausting, yet one of the most enjoyable weekend trips I had.Β  We (Mica, Allan, Kuya Erik and Fritz) left Cubao at around 3 a.m. We originally planned to leave Manila at 2 a.m. but due to unavailability of buses going to Dau, Angeles City, Pampanga, we were moved at a later time. The trip didn’t take long and we arrived in Clark at around 4:30 in the morning. Too bad I left the tickets in Makati and I was left with no choice but to join the long queue of people buying tickets from the booth outside the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta venue.

Inside the Air Force City grounds, where the Hot Air Balloon Fest was held, people have already had their places. Some brought their picnic blankets while others have set up their tripods and equipments. We waited for about half an hour when a few 4×4 vehicles started to occupy the empty field across the fence. I wasn’t able to see much of what was going on on the field but I was able to figure out that they were already setting up and inflating the balloons.Β  About twenty gigantic colored balloons in different shapes started to rise above what used to be the dark and empty field. It was a spectacular sight. My first actually.

I wished I had enough allowance to buy myself a ride in one of those balloons. Unfortunately, shelling out $150 for a 20-minute balloon ride above an empty field does not sell to me. During the entire duration when the balloons and ‘show-off’ gliders were hovering above us, I made myself busy by taking as much shots that I can using my telephoto lens. And oh, I was hoping I could make use of the ultra-wide angle lens that I bought last week from Hidalgo, but to no avail, there’s just too much distraction that most of my shots were covered with heads, cameras, and heads.

Though there was not much to see in the afternoon, I made myself busy taking pictures while waiting for something exciting to happen. I took around a thousand photos that day that I find it hard to choose which photos to share. To my excitement, I didn’t even bother post-processing the photos I selected to uploaded. I uploaded select photos in my flickr account and a few of them in my facebook account. Here are some of the photos I took that day:

The empty field where they held the Hot Air Ballon Fiesta

Fixing the Ballon

Preparations for the night event of the Hot Air Balloons