BY SMS-Twitter Comment Notifier


Based on the original plugin created by Emmanuel Pays, this wordpress plugin allows users to receive SMS notifications, through twitter, when someone posts a comment on your blog. The comment notification uses Twitter’s direct messaging feature. It also employs a spam filtering feature so blog owners won’t get bugged with spam comments.


Download “BY SMS-Twitter Comment Notifier” Plugin


Download the plugin file and unzip TwitterSMSNotifier.php to your wp-content/plugins/ directory. After uploading, click on your Plugins page from your blog dashboard and browse for BY SMS-Twitter Comment Notifier. Click on Activate to activate the plugin.

Configuration and Usage

You need at least two twitter accounts for us to use Twitter’s direct messaging feature, one for the notifier and another one for the recipient account. If you don’t have an account yet, you may proceed to the step on creating twitter accounts.

The notifier account will be used in sending DMs (direct messages) to the recipient account.

To configure your plugin, go to Settings > BY SMS-Twitter Comment Notifier from your blog’s Dashboard.

  1. On the Notifier Twitter Account field, enter your notifier account username/email.
  2. On the Notifier Twitter Account password field, enter the password of your notifier account.
  3. On the Recipient Twitter Account field, enter you personal twitter username or the username of your desired recepient.
  4. Click on the Save button to save the changes made.
  5. To test if the plugin is working, click on the Test button after completing the steps above.

Setting up Twitter

Twitter allows its users to receive notifications through IM, SMS or through web. For this plugin, we will set-up our recipient twitter account to receive SMS updates.

  1. Login to Twitter
  2. Verify your mobile number. Click here to see the process on verifying your mobile number.
  3. From your twitter homepage, go to Settings > Devices and set Device updates to On or Direct Messages


I’m not receiving any twitter notifications on my mobile phone. How do I solve this?

There are four possibilities why you are not receiving twitter notification on your mobile phone.

  1. Recipient account is not following the notifier account (and vice versa). Both accounts (or at least the recipient account is following the notifier account), should be following each other to allow one to communicate with the other.
  2. Incorrect user information. Review the settings you have entered on the plugin configuration page. Make sure that you have entered the correct twitter account and recipient information.
  3. You have exceeded the sms allowance. This occurs when you have exceeded the 250 sms/week allowance alloted by twitter for each user. Please see twitter’s FAQs for more details.
  4. The mobile number was not set-up properly. Please review the steps on how to verify your mobile number.

Please feel free to report bugs and suggestions. Thanks.