Sony Xperia S in my pocket and an Ice Cream Sandwich in my bag

A couple of things kept me busy this weekend. Last Friday, I received the new Sony Xperia S. I’m quite excited since this device has not yet been officially released here in the Philippines. And besides, this will be the first time that I’m gonna use a Sony Mobile Android device. Oh, I received the white one – it’s kinda pretty for a gadget. I’ll talk about the Sony Xperia S in detail on a separate post.

Second thing this weekend was the latest software update for my Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s now running on Ice Cream Sandwich and I’m really engrossed in exploring the new features that comes with it. I probably spent my entire Saturday night trying to figure out how to fix the errors that I got during the Samsung Kies update process. I’m just glad to have finally successfully installed it into my good old phone. It feels like a new beginning for my SGSII.

Lastly, I attended a 7-Wonders Tournament with a few friends and it was FUN! There, that pretty much summarizes my entire weekend. 🙂