Spotify + Globe and how it will change how you listen to music

For several weeks now, I have been holding back from talking about Spotify. Although I have been using Spotify for quite some time, it was only yesterday when Spotify made their presence in the Philippines official.

After having used the app and service for quite some time, here are few of the things why I think Spotify is awesome and why it would change the way we consume music.


You won’t have to worry about memory, let’s talk about having access to over 30 million songs on your phone.

I remember back when you have to consider getting a bigger memory card or a phone (iPhone) variant of higher memory because you wouldn’t want to leave your music behind. With Spotify, you bring the world’s library in your pocket. It works on different iOS and Android models too.

You won’t feel guilty anymore. It’s legal!

I must admit, a vast majority of the tracks in my computer are either shared by friends or downloaded via torrent. I have purchased some tracks from iTunes but those weren’t much considering the things and processes that you also have to go through when purchasing tracks. With Spotify,  you can be sure that you’re not stealing money from your favorite artists.

There’s a track for every mood or moment. Soundtrack it!

I think this is my most favorite functionality of Spotify. You’ll never have to think of which music to listen to for specific activities, moods or moments because Spotify will suggest songs for you. I have a different playlists that I follow and listen to when I’m driving, working out, or just chilling out on a lazy weekend afternoon. And even if Spotify runs out of ideas for specific moments or moods, you can always build your own playlist that suits you best.

It’s social.

Music is meant to be shared and I guess the folks from Spotify take that seriously. They have worked closely with Facebook to give you a seamless experience when sharing and discovering music. You can listen to what your friends and your favorite artists are listening to. You can even collaborate with your friends in building a playlist. How about hosting a party where everyone’s the DJ?


One of my newer discoveries on Spotify is its seamless integration with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s home screen launcher, Aviate. Whatever is playing on Spotify, it displays on my home screen the latest social feed from the song’s artist.

And the best news, you may not have to pay for your music because it’s FREE!

Technically not but there are a lot of ways you can legally enjoy the service for free. Spotify’s basic service is free if you’re not too bothered by some occassional ads that you’d see or here on between tracks. If you need to get rid of the ads and bring your music offline, Spotify is offering a premium service which is relatively affordable in my opinion.

Aside from the two ways mentioned above, Globe will also be offering the service for FREE when you’re subscribed to any of their GoSURF offers. Subscribe to higher GoSURF promo and they’ll throw you FREE premium access to Spotify. Awesome, isn’t it?

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