Summer Activities

Things You Can Do This Summer

Diving in Samal, Davao

Yehey! Today’s the second day of April and officially, yesterday was the start of summer. Unlike any summers that I had, this year’s summer is a bit different. Since I started working already, planning out of town vacations and trips is really difficult since I don’t have the time to be off my work.

Anyway, since summer trips are not in my plans this year, I decided to list down some enjoyable things I (and you) can do this summer.

Eating Ice Cream and other Ice Foods

Amicci's Blueberry Gellato

The above photo was taken from Amicci’s. It’s a few minute walk away from my apartment in Makati.  Amicci’s serves home-made gellatos made from the most premium ingredients. My personal favorite is the Blueberry Gellato (above) and the Pistacchio Gellato. Eating gellato and ice cream is a good outlet of summer heat.

Ice Skating


This might be part of my least favorite things but who cares, as long as I’m having fun in the cool ice rink, I’ll go for it.  There are two skate rinks I know in the metro, one is in MOA and the other one is in Megamall.

Outdoor Games

Last summer, together with some Davao bloggers, we went for a bloggers war at Recall Paintball in Matina Town Square.  It’s not real war but just a friendly paint ball match. It’s a good activity for building team work among friends.



Summer’s the best time to learn how to cook. I’ve been experimenting with different dishes in the kitchen lately. I wanted to enroll in a culinary class but I can’t find the time and the need of it now.  Anyway, Jehz and the rest of the Patay Gutom gang are sharing their pacham recipes. That might help in your cooking, I hope.

Two months to go with so little things to do. 🙂 I hope we enjoy our summers! じゃあ!