The Loalde jacket is mine

It has been a crazy day for me at work. I have deadlines to meet and lots of work that needs to be done. The headache I had the whole day made it even worse.

Late in the afternoon, our company had an inter-“Dev Group” caroling competition. I was one of those who were forced to sing despite the fact that the actual performance was also our actual practice.  Nonetheless, the whole activity was fun and embarrassing.

After work, our team went out for dinner in Paseo Center.  It was a bit odd because free dinners from our bosses does not usually happen in our company. In my mind, I was thinking of possible reasons behind it. ^__^


If you’ve seen in my previous post, I was eying on this jacket that I saw last weekend in Loalde – Glorietta. Guess what? After our dinner this evening, I decided to get the jacket. Since I have an advantage of being a frequent customer of Loalde, the staff was kind enough to give me a 10% discount. 😀

Last thing before I end my post. I failed to announce last night the winner for last week’s Fill-in the Bubble Thought Contest. After picking my own choice and letting my friends pick their choice, we have decided to give the Schützen® Notebook to Boffill Bernardes.

His winning quote is:

Yagit nga, blogger naman!

For Boffil, please email me your contact details so we could decide on how I’m gonna send your prize.

Another Schützen® Notebook to be given away

Since I haven’t thought of a good contest for this week’s Schützen® Notebook give-away yet, I decided to raffle off the notebook to those who will leave comments on this post. 😀 I’ll use a randomizer software in picking the winner next week. You may post as many comments as you want as long as it won’t appear like SPAM. Else, you will be disqualified.

That’s all for now.

Note to self: This blog post sucks.