The ride

I was walking my way to the high way when a white vehicle passed my way. The vehicle slowed its speed to match my pace. The driver, in the mid 40’s I guess, offered me a ride. For no particular reason, I obliged. I immediately jumped at the back of his truck. (it’s a white multi-cab.) It would be troublesome if I’d sit at the passenger seat since I assumed that I would take off at the highway. Yet, the driver made some gestures asking me to sit at the passenger seat.

The driver might be one from our neighborhood. I only know a few because I seldom stay at home and whenever I am at home, I rarely go out. The driver’s identity is unknown to me.

I seated myself comfortably on the passenger’s seat. The usual questions were thrown to me and I deliberately answered them. He asked what school I go to (or which school I am heading for). He said that he’d drop me at NCCC Mall cause his way on the opposite side of the city.

He also asked for my course. That was when we started to talk about the profession on which I am trying to pursue. We talked a lot. We even talked some lessons in life. He shared some of his insights and made some advise, the usual stuff a father tells is son. But traffic jammed us at NCCC. I didn’t notice time. It’s time for me to leave his vehicle. I said my thanks before he left for the other side of the road.

I went off the truck realizing something. I may not have my biological father to give me lessons a father should teach his son, but God has his own ways of making me learn. I don’t need my father, God will always find a way.

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