Touring Iloilo

It has been years since I last went to Iloilo. The last time was when I first went to Boracay. We went with the Iloilo-Aklan route back then and the only place I was to visit in Iloilo was the old Iloilo Airport.

Hotel del Rio facade

I arrived in Iloilo last night and stayed in Hotel del Rio. But prior getting the del Rio reservation, I had a horrific experience with Midtown Hotel’s reservation/reception personnel. Before leaving home (Makati), I made an arrangement with Midtown for a one night accommodation. To run the story short, I didn’t get that reservation after I panicked that I might not get a place t sleep for the night. Luckily, after phoning almost all hotels in Iloilo I found online, I managed to reserve a room Hotel del Rio.

My oversized bed.

The hungry me started exploring Iloilo last night. I went to this party joint called Smallville to look for a place to eat. I was able to find a pseudo Italian restaurant where I was served with lavish amount of Cream of Mushroom Soup and Tenderloin Steak. I swear it could feed a couple of people.

My sumptuous dinner

Nothing much blog-worthy happened last night. Right before lunch, I check-ed out of Hotel del Rio to meet Ate Ria and her uncle for lunch. Her uncle took us on a 30-minute car ride towards south of Iloilo City. We went to this famous Iloilo seafood restaurant called Breakthrough Restaurant which is located across the equally famous Tatoy’s Manokan Seafood Restaurant in Villa Beach.

Crabs but we got the crab meat omelet.

Ate Ria was LOL-ing when I exclaimed “Ahh…ito pala ang talaba, parang oysters”.

Giant Oysters: I didn't know osyter i locally known as talaba

Enjoying our lunch under a hut along the beachside overlooking Guimaras.

After our feast at Breakthrough Restaurant, we headed downtown to meet-up with Fitz and the rest of the group. While waiting for them, we chanced upon Iloilo’s famous Biscocho Haus in SM City Iloilo.

Ate Ria brewing her plans of bringing home all the butterscotch she could bring.

After waiting in SM for a while, we decided to head towards Fitz’ hotel to meet him and the group. One of his friends, a locale of Iloilo City, generously offered to guide is touring Iloilo City by foot. We started off with the sidewalk along Iloilo River.

Here are few of the photos we took.

An abandoned boat in Iloilo River.


The group. Rina took the picture. I love the photo's color.

We ended the tour with our dinner in Jaro. I didn’t eat much during dinner since I was feeling super full from the feast we had in lunch.

Tomorrow’s the start of Visayas Bloggers’ Summit. I hope I could get up early. Ciao!