Waking up in Tagaytay

It all started with one music and we decided to drive to Tagaytay after we left Banchetto last night. Hanhan was driving the car while Jehz and I were seated comfortably. It didn’t take us long, with Hanhan’s superb driving skill and traffic-free roads, to get to Tagaytay. The three of us were wearing plain shorts since the trip was not part of the plan. It was a good thing that Hanhan and I each brought our own jackets while Jehz, who’s used to his air-conditioned domain, didn’t have any.

We arrived in Tagaytay around 4am and went to Taj to camwhore, drink and nap (but I slept). I woke up when I heard Jehz giggling near my head.


After Taj, we decided to proceed to Leslie’s. We arrived there right after they opened. The restaurantt staff told us to wait since they haven’t prepared the kitchen yet. Since Taal lake is very visible from Leslie’s, we took this opportunity to take pictures. Again, since this was not part of the plan, I didn’t bring my DSLR with me and my trusty N82 camera failed me when she died when I was just about to use her.


We had Leslie’s famous Bulalo. It was the second time I dine at Leslies and just like before, people go there for the famous Bulalo soup. The heavy breakfast was superb and it was very apt for our chilling tummies.


Right after breakfast, Hanhan drove ourselves back to Manila and each of us went home to get our Friday night sleep on a Saturday morning.

Here’s a video of Hanhan poking my while I was sleeping:

P.S. : Thanks to Hanhan for the ride and Jehjeh for the LX3 photos.