When kindness exceeds its limits

Warning: This is an emo post.

This is one of the instances in my life where I have to say, “it’s enough”. I can’t understand why other people can’t appreciate and recognize what you are doing. Urrggghh.. I can’t find the words to say. So here…

  • You joined this organization in college hoping that this organization is the perfect venue for your skills.
  • The first few months (or years) of your org experience was heaven. You went to a lot of places, did a lot of things, and most of all, you enjoyed a lot. You were given assignments and duties which helped you develop your skills.
  • You worked hard hoping that after your first year in that org, they will give you the position which best suites your skills.
  • Then later you found out that the position given to you was the position you least liked. Then you started to question your skills and capabilities. You began to feel insecurities beginning to lurk within you.
  • Then it became a cycle and was repeated the following year. You did not go against the system. You decided to ride with the system.
  • You continued feeding the org with your skills, yet, you did not ask anything in return.
  • And now you are leaving the organization, and tried keeping all the bitterness you kept for the last three years, you still find yourself longing for more.
  • You find leaving the org hard. You find the need to share more.
  • You were again, exerting a lot of effort for the last project you can contribute for the org but the org seems to neglect your efforts.

Until now, I can’t manage to fix my messy thoughts. My brain functions badly when I’m angry or disturbed. grrr..

I already approached someone from the org and told the person I will discontinue the project this week. I guess I’m approaching my limit.

* * *

I just hope the money I’m waiting arrives today.Β  I need to replenish my bank account after that expensive Manila trip last week. Tsk tsk tsk.